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Guido Baumhauer

Managing Director, Distribution, Marketing and Technology, Deutsche Welle

Guido Baumhauer has been Deutsche Welle’s Managing Director of Distribution, Marketing and Technology since 2006.

"Content is king, but effective delivery is King Kong” – Guido Baumhauer’s credo gets right to the heart of what challenges media institutions in today’s digital age. A background in journalism and years of strategic experience have led Guido Baumhauer to his current position. Prior to that, he worked as Editor-in-Chief for the DW website, turning it into a multimedia, online platform available in 30 languages. The trade magazine Cable & Satellite recognized him as one of the top 50 experts in the world for broadband and pay TV. Guido Baumhauer is the deputy of the Director General since April 2015.

He is a member of the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Journalism of the World Economic Forum, program advisor of the Center for Innovation and Communication of Stanford University and vice chairman of the International Broadcaster Group of the European Broadcasting Union.

Guido Baumhauer


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