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October 10, 2024

11:10 a.m.


National Arts Centre, Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada


From Marconi’s early experiments with radio waves and that initial written message “CAN YOU HEAR ME?” to today’s raft of global streaming audio offerings: In less than 130 years, the rapid evolution of wireless communication has affected nearly every aspect of modern life. With the ability to travel long distances and effectively move through all manner of landscapes and structures, traditional radio signals continue to reach vast populations and local communities with critical news and talk, emergency information, music, and other cultural content. But changes in consumer behaviour and the development and adoption of new digital technologies and devices have forever changed the audio landscape. New global competitors have emerged and taken root.

How can Public Service Media leverage their brands, local and national coverage areas, and new technologies to more effectively serve splintering audiences? What formats will “win the day?” And what role, if any, will traditional radio services play in the future? This session briefly assesses the current state of the audio sector and global trends; and then we turn to the panel to discuss specific responses, challenges, and opportunities.


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